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About Kendall Gammon

Gammon’s story

Drawing from his own challenging life experiences, Gammon’s personal storytelling and interactive style illustrate that success in life and business is proportional to the emotional strength you build, both in yourself and those you lead.

Unexpected strengths

You might consider “emotional strength” an unexpected message from a 15 year veteran NFL long-snapper and current Color Analyst for CRN. And though physical strength is a more visible aspect of professional sports, Kendall Gammon argues that it’s the emotional strengths that make the difference both on and off the field.

Framework for success

As an author and public speaker, Gammon delivers his simple yet effective framework for helping others recognize and use their own emotional strengths to embrace change, build stronger relationships and directly impact their own growth and success.

A devoted father of two boys, Kendall was a college All American at Pittsburg State University. He spent 15 years in the NFL, played in a Super Bowl and Pro Bowl, and is now a color analyst for the Chiefs Radio Network. Additionally, he is the Special Assistant to the President at Pittsburg State University. He is an accomplished juggler, entrepreneur and founder of THEWILLWALL.COM, an online video platform for sharing personal stories of gratitude.

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