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A unique style

Kendall Gammon delivers a refreshing speaking style and vulnerability you may not expect from a veteran NFL athlete. His focus on the value of emotional strength and his use of very personal experiences to illustrate key points creates an open, interactive and relatable engagement that appeals to a broad audience. Gammon’s unique combination of personal experiences, practical tools and personality leaves listeners with a memorable message they can take away and immediately apply toward improving their own personal development and professional success.

Hire Kendall Gammon for your keynote

Gammon delivers an inspirational, fun and interactive event that’s engaging for a wide audience, with a universal message that can be personalized based on your organization’s specific needs or objectives:

  • Take a creative approach in supporting HR and change management efforts with a motivating message that encourages empathy, brings teams together and builds internal culture.
  • Help employees embrace the need for emotional resilience and see its connection to their professional growth and leadership potential.
  • Give customers a break from mind-numbing slide presentations with a speaker and message that are both meaningful and entertaining.

Build stronger leaders and team players

Gammon’s personal stories and lessons learned both on and off the field illustrate that success is proportional to the emotional strength you build, both in yourself and those you lead. His message strikes a relevant chord for organizations and people navigating significant change or in need of strengthening internal culture and professional development.

  • Reinforce a “team player” mindset and help institute a “game plan” approach to breaking down barriers to collaboration.
  • Help employees embrace new and different perspectives from their own.
  • Instill the importance of recognizing and practicing gratitude—an uncommon and often uncomfortable emotion in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate the need for emotional intelligence and strength in order to succeed in a team leadership role.
  • Show how people can differentiate their own value and create rewarding relationships with customers, colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Learn how developing greater emotional strength helps people reach higher and farther than with their physical strengths alone.
An unexpectedly open and vulnerable message from a veteran NFL athlete

You might consider “emotional strength” an unexpected message from a 15-year veteran of the NFL and current color analyst for CRN. Though physical strength defines most professional sports, Kendall Gammon argues it’s the emotional strengths that make the difference both on and off the field.

Openly sharing his own life stories and personal struggles, Gammon delivers a relatable framework for helping others recognize and use their emotional strengths to embrace change, build stronger relationships and directly impact their own personal growth and professional success.

A unique combination of personal experiences, practical tools and interactive storytelling leaves listeners with inspiring takeaways they’ll remember and can apply immediately.

Building Emotional Strength

When considering a person to speak at our national sales meeting and to our employees, I wanted a person who would find our compass as true and real as we do.  Kendall Gammon is a person that I have known for over 25 years.  Kendall’s personal story and behaviors are aligned with Tuthill and the culture we are creating.  Kendall is a person who truly believes in the power of “gratitude”.  Every single day, he finds a person in his life to give gratitude towards.  Sometimes it is a simple “thank you” and other times it is much more.  When our employees, distributors and sales reps heard his story, I could see their internal lights shine brighter as he asked them to share their gratitude with a person in their life.  Kendall has found a way to share his story through his NFL career and the relationship he has with his sons.  When I reflect on Kendall’s message…..Life is a S.N.A.P.  

Steve Westfall | President

We were lucky enough to have Kendall speak at our Team Kickoff Meeting and it was a resounding success!  Our employees understood his powerful message on teamwork and team building.  His communication was clear, motivating and relatable to all members of our organization. The time he spent with our employees was invaluable as they understood how to use Kendall’s message and make themselves better and our organization better.  The messaging was enlightening and right on point. It was one of our best speaking engagements we have had.  He was fantastic

Steve Beykirch | President
Eagle Beverage Corporation

Kendall Gammon delivered an inspiring, heartfelt and motivational speech at our most important employee event of the year for Equity Bank. He spent time working with us and visiting with our leadership and employees to craft his message. He was a great resource for our Equity team members, and really helped bring new employees together

Brad Elliott | Chairman and CEO
Equity Bank

Kendall served as keynote speaker for one of our most important events of every year, our all-employee celebration day, with nearly 400 Equity Bank employees in attendance. He gave an energetic, thoughtful talk that motivated employees, inspired employees, and made us all proud to be part of Equity Bank

John Hanley | Director of Marketing
Equity Bank

Kendall was the keynote speaker at our annual conference for healthcare leaders.  Leadership was the focus of the presentation but Kendall delivered so much more.  Kendall skillfully weaved life lessons along with interesting and entertaining stories from his sports background.  The audience gave the session high marks not only for leadership insights but also for tying the message into a larger theme of personal growth (both inside and outside the workplace).  Kendall’s session was a highlight for our event.

Jeff Andersen | President & CEO
Mid-America Service Solutions

Kendall recently spoke at a convocation that celebrates an event from nearly 100 years ago. The convocation, a key university tradition, had become stale despite our efforts to include interesting and provocative speakers in the program. Kendall’s humor, insights on life, and a little bit of juggling, energized and engaged the audience of students, faculty and staff in ways I had not seen in 30 years of attending the event. He is now the standard to which all future speakers will be compared.

Steven A. Scott, Ed.D.
Pittsburg State University | President
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