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My Promises

I know you have a lot of keynote speakers to choose from. So what makes me different? My promises to you are that you’ll:

Get a customized talk that’s right for you

Experience a rollercoaster of emotions – the lowest lows and the highest highs – that will make you laugh, make you think, and inspire you

Be challenged and entertained in equal measure

Get to see a man juggling bowling balls

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My keynote provides a creative approach with a meaningful message that brings teams together and builds internal culture during times of change and uncertainty. I speak about the need for emotional strength and how it can positively impact professional success…and I also give you a break from mind-numbing slide presentations!

Kendall Gammon juggling bowling balls

Harness the Power of Emotional Strength

Success is directly proportional to the emotional strength we build, both in ourselves and in others. While the physical roles we play and the actions we take in life are important, our emotional state is the key to quality of life. In this talk, I show you how to harness your emotional strength and discover ways of improving emotional communication within yourself and with others.

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We all have our own value and the ability to create rewarding relationships with customers, colleagues, friends, and family – but sometimes it’s not that easy. There are, however, four simple steps we can all take to understand and apply our emotional strength – and enable us to get what we desire out of life.


I lay out the key components of emotional strength and provide these simple, practical steps that you can use in daily interactions with customers, partners and team members. I call it the SNAP framework:


  • Set Goals
  • Notice Strengths
  • Accept Accountability 
  • Practice Persistence 


Developing greater emotional strength by using the SNAP framework helps people reach higher and farther than with their physical strengths alone.

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How to Create Successful Connections

We have so many routes to connect with people. How do we know who to listen to? Who to trust? In the game of life, we are ultimately responsible for who we let in and who we filter out. During this talk, we’ll identify the inner circles in the three phases of life and I’ll show you how to better build strong and successful connections.

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"We were so excited to have Kendall come today and talk to our manager group. He gave a riveting talk that was at times humorous, entertaining, and always very powerful. Kendall taught us not just how to be a better leader, but also how to be a better person. We were all so touched by his authenticity, his vulnerability, and his willingness to admit his own human frailties and how he's overcome those to also encourage us and inspire us to be the best leaders and the best people we can be."

Paula Baker, CEO, Freeman Health System

“Kendall’s humor, insights on life, and a little bit of juggling energized and engaged the audience.”

Steven Scott, President of Pittsburg State University

“Kendall’s down-to-earth style was refreshing and his story was one of motivation and inspiration.”

Gina Evans, AVP HR & Talent Development, Credit Union of America