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Books By Kendall Gammon

Life’s A Snap: Building on the Past to Improve Your Future

What gives a boy from Kansas the right to dream of playing for the National Football League? What is it that allows him to follow the dream to its fruition and beyond? How can individual challenges and struggles become the fuel of personal motivation? Veteran long snapper for several top teams in the NFL, Kendall Gammon has achieved one impossible goal after another. Held in high esteem by colleagues and coaches alike, Gammon applies his confidence and optimism to every situation. If humor and hard work aren’t enough, a great attitude and persistence will make it every time. Share his journey, learn the technique, and adopt the lifestyle that builds champions.

Game Plan: Leadership Lessons from the Best of the NFL

In Game Plan, Kendall Gammon shares the invaluable principles that guarantee success in all aspects of life—career, family, personal goals, and beyond. Through interviews and personal observations, Gammon reveals the difference between dreamers and winners, those who long for success and those who build it for themselves. In this book, you’ll learn to stick with the winners. To choose mentors who lead by example and share their wisdom. To determine your own leadership style. To capitalize on your natural talents. To envision and realize your own legacy. To chart your course and follow your plan. Become the coach you need to develop self-coaching abilities that will last all game long.

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